Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Episode 1 - Jaaved Khatree of DejanSEO

Interview with Jaaved Khatree of DejanSEO at CeBIT Exhibition Sydney 2010

Jaaved-Khatree-DejanSEO-podcast-mix by Odge

I recently caught up with Jaaved Khatree, at the Sydney CeBIT Exhibition. Jaaved is Senior SEO strategist at DejanSEO Brisbane. He talked with me about the SEO strategies they use at DejanSEO to improve the search engine ranking of their clients websites and how there has been an increasing surge in demand for SEO services.

Some of the techniques Jaaved talks about include statistical analysis of website traffic using tools such as Google Analytics, Piwick and AWStats. SEO for Mobile computing and iPhone markets. Using social media and social media monitoring strategies. DejanSEO encourage staff use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to follow industry developments. They also encourage clients to use social media to monitor their brands and create buzz about their products. They are currently developing the social media side of the business.

Jaaved gives his take on the importance of the recent Google Speed element of the ranking algorithm and believes that a good link building program is still the most important element in a good SEO strategy.

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